Comment appliquer de faux cils magnétiques?

Les faux cils sont un accessoire de beauté bien connu, mais toujours manifestement évident à appliquer. En effet, le point de collage nécessaire à une bonne application peut s’avérer être un réel problème, et lorsque nous n’avons pas la main, un mal de tête sans nom. Heureusement, il existe des alternatives telles que l’extension des cils, une sorte de faux cils permanents, que l’on peut faire dans un salon de beauté. Et pour la plupart d’entre nous, il y a aussi … De faux cils magnétiques! Cela peut se faire à la maison, tranquillement, sans avoir besoin de colle, on peut les enlever et les remettre autant de fois qu’on veut, sans risque de chute … Bref, les faux cils magnétiques semblent avoir tout bon … c’est ce que nous verrons. Comment mettre des faux cils magnétiques? Les faux cils magnétiques ressemblent à tous les faux cils: deux par deux dans une petite boîte qui s’attirent comme des aimants. Le principe est d’appliquer à part au-dessus des cils, qui seront magnétisés par la partie située sous les cils. Contrairement aux faux cils classiques, ils ne couvrent que la partie externe de l’œil. Le mascara sur la partie naturelle des cils est censé faire le reste.

Pour les appliquer, il faut d’abord appliquer du mascara (ce qui n’est pas fait avec les classiques, car le mascara permet d’adhérer aux cils naturels aux extensions). En effet, le mascara permettra aux faux cils de mieux adhérer. Selon les différents magazines, il est préférable de commencer par appliquer la partie du bas, qui vient plus facilement suivre la courbe des cils. C’est alors seulement que l’on peut mettre celle ci-dessus et qui vont s’aimer facilement. Il n’est pas forcément évident de suivre cette procédure, car la plupart de ces faux cils magnétiques sont vendus sans préavis. Mais il semble que ce soit la plus simple (et encore, il y a beaucoup d’étapes à suivre). Les faux cils magnétiques sont très pratiques et peuvent être réutilisés autant de fois que vous le souhaitez. Et une fois la main prise, l’effet est garanti.

Best Beauty Secrets Revealed!

By Kelli Sanders

If you’ve been looking for the best beauty secrets out there, look no further. The kind of beauty I’ll teach you about is timeless, captivating, all natural, and it won’t cost you a dime!


What defines beauty? Is it Webster’s Dictionary? Is it defined by the results of a Google search? Or how about looking to the beauty « Bibles » out there – Cosmo, Elle, In Style and the like. We’ve all read the tips on how to lengthen lashes, make lips bigger, lose belly fat, have flawless skin, perfect eyebrows, and wider eyes. We plump, we primp, we highlight and low light. We suck it in and push it up, and when it gets to be too much we just buy some Spanx!

Beauty is a word that carries many connotations, and brings to the surface many emotions, both good and bad; but what does God look at and say, « Now THAT is beautiful! » According to 1 Peter 3:3-4, it is not all of the outward adorning that turns God’s head, but the, « … hidden person of the heart, with the incorruptible beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is very precious in [His] sight. »

So if God had a beauty magazine, what would His trade secrets consist of? Here are a few « Beauty Secrets » from the true « Beauty Bible. »

1. Highlight the Heart

Listen, when I wake up in the morning I do not look in the mirror and say, « Now THAT’S beautiful! » My husband is very thankful that I « adorn » the outward appearance, and make myself attractive to him. I do spend time grooming myself, but God’s beauty secret is to spend more of my time cultivating the beauty of my heart. In fact, I’m sure there are days my husband would have preferred I spent more time with God getting filled up with love and peace, than time I spent in front of the mirror trying on my pre-baby clothes that still didn’t look as good as they did pre-baby; thus resulting in a funky mood as the mind became preoccupied with how to lose 10 more pounds!

When we cultivate inner beauty, all the issues of life that flow from the heart are also made beautiful. Worry, stress, low self-esteem, discontent, and shallow character do not make a person beautiful. People who neglect the heart may be outwardly beautiful, but they become spiritually ugly. Then there are those who might seem plain in appearance by the world’s standard, but whose hearts pour out such radiance, grace, and peace that their loveliness becomes magnetic and very attractive.

2. Avoid Fashion Trends

Don’t you cringe when you look back at old photos of yourself from the 70s? 80s? 90s? Some of those fashion trends we thought were so « in » at the time turned out to be more of a momentary lack of good fashion sense! Ahh, but there are a few classics that stand the test of time, like a good pair of jeans, and a « little black dress. » Did you know that God has told us what is « in style » for the inner man? It is the incorruptible, unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit. This wardrobe will always look stunning on you, and it will never go out of style.

So, if you want to wear gentleness like a good pair of jeans, and clothe your heart in quietness, you need to know how to put these clothes on!

Item 1: Gentleness

The word used in 1 Peter 3:3-4 for gentle is (PRAUS), meaning meek, mild, a soothing quality of character. The image is of a horse that can be trainable and teachable. Now, before you go feminist on me, the word is not an indication of weakness, but of strength and power under perfect control. It implies ruling your own spirit well, operating in humble wisdom, and walking in divine love.

What does the heart clothed in gentleness look like? It doesn’t have to exert its rights, have its own way, get the last word, share gossip, retaliate, give in to every emotion, or refuse correction. It does stay open to God, looks for His direction, waits before speaking, submits its emotions to wisdom, chooses to forgive, and chooses to love.

I’m reminded of a scene in the movie Gladiator when Maximus came face to face with the Roman Emperor. He had the strength, capability and opportunity to carry out vengeance upon this man, but he knew it was not time. He brought his strength and power under perfect control. He ruled over his own spirit.

That was a movie, but I know of a REAL MAN, that was meek and gentle, and make no mistake about it, He was not weak! No man took His life, He laid it down. Though He had authority to call down legions of angels, He kept that power under perfect control until He finished the job He came to do. Jesus is gentleness personified.

When you clothe your heart in this kind of gentleness it is BEAUTIFUL. It is PRECIOUS in God’s sight.

Item 2: Quietness

The word used in 1 Peter 3:3-4 for quiet is (HESUCHIOS), and it does not imply that you need to stop talking and keep your opinions to yourself! It actually means peaceful, undisturbed; tranquility arising from within.

What does a heart clothed in quietness look like? It is a heart filled with faith and trust; a heart that has been quieted by God’s love and filled with His peace – not a heart that is striving and restless. It’s not striving for beauty (consumed by clothes, jewelry, makeup, diets, hairstyles). It’s not striving to be accepted (through perfectionism and people pleasing). It’s not striving to be enough (pretty enough, smart enough, spiritual enough). All of that striving clothes the heart in irritation, frustration and depression. The heart filled with faith and trust is not trying to be beautiful because it already is. It is not trying to be accepted because it already is. It’s not trying to be enough because it already is!

When you have a quiet spirit, in the depths of your soul you are at rest, and from deep within comes a calm and peace that invites those around you to be at rest, and that, my friends, is very attractive!

Have you ever wanted to be that woman that walks into a room and turns heads? Cultivate the inner beauty of the heart and clothe it with a gentle and quiet spirit. This is what will turn God’s eyes toward you, captivating His attention, and leaving Him breathless.

Kelli Sanders is the founder of Grow in God Ministries, a teaching ministry established for the purpose of helping believers grow to a place of strength and maturity in their walk with the Lord. Kelli is happily married to Tom Sanders and mother to three beautiful children. Kelli has authored both non-fiction works and children’s books. When she’s not writing she’s thoroughly enjoying her family and friends, serving her local church and growing closer to God every day!To access more resources visit

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